This Pakistani Guy Turned His Suzuki Mehran Into A Mini Vigo And People Are Super Interested In Its Price!


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The best thing about being Pakistani is that no matter what you do, there will be someone who is going to appreciate your work. However, work without creativity always ends up tasteless, and us Pakistanis, well, we’re on another level of creativity, always!

So… what happens when you have all the creativity in the world and an old Suzuki Mehran? Simple, you get a Vigo out of it. Still confused? Well, this guy from Karachi has done the absolutely unthinkable and created a new vehicle from an old one.


In the video which has surfaced on the internet, the owner and creator of the car tells that he modified a 1991 model of Suzuki Mehran, and turned it into a Mini Vigo only by prominent alterations. He then explains the minor details, like alteration of the fender and the bonnet, keeping the rest of it stock.

Even though he did not change the bumpers, the owner proclaimed that massive alterations have been made on the car’s body, especially the back end of the vehicle.

Space has been increased from the inside while shortening the doors. Furthermore, the owner had to change the whole back cabin, creating a massive trunk, replicating a Vigo. The door attached to the trunk even has a swift lock, for loading and unloading.

The creative Pakistani car owner installed leather seats in the back, creating space for at least 4 people to sit in the trunk, while the Mini Vigo Mehran roars on the streets of the country. In its Maroon being, the Mini Vigo looks like an absolute beast.

Ever since the car made it to the internet, wherever it goes, people can’t stop praising the owner and what he has done with the vehicle. Some people think that the owner should send his car concept to Elon Musk at Tesla, as this is a one of a kind creation. Others, however, were more interested in the price of the vehicle, because nobody else could create such a work of art!

However, there were people who weren’t too impressed by the creation, claiming that Pakistanis can never succeed if they do not stop focusing on their Mehrans and Altos.

But the fact remains, that this creative piece of art, is being admired by many. Everyone wants to do something out of the ordinary which makes them stand out and this Pakistani has done exactly that. He put his money where his heart was and created a Mini Vigo!

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