A Man in Muzaffargarh Commits Suicide Due to Failure to Pay the Interest on Loan

Muzaffargarh: due to growing financial pressure and needs, a local resident took a loan of Rs 40,000 privately. According to the news report, the man was not informed of the heavy, corrupted interest he would have to pay on the loan after paying the initial amount off. With the loan of Rs 40,000, the man was told to pay Rs 1 lakh as loan interest, meaning Rs 60,000 more than the initial amount.

According to the media outlets, the local resident reached to the police and shared his concerns with how the corrupt private party was charging him. However, the police failed to take any action.

A man who already took a loan to manage his expenses was asked and pressurized to pay an additional lump sum amount which he couldn’t afford. This led to the man ending his life.

The family confirmed that the victim reached out to the authorities for help by showing the messages he sent to the SHO. The police, however, failed and led to the innocent taking his life. He leaves behind 3 children and a wife.

On the other hand, after the local resident committed suicide, the police has finally started taking matters in their hands and as a result, they arrested 2 individuals who are involved in this fraud way of giving loans to needy individuals.

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Let’s hope the authorities manage to catch the corrupt individuals behind this operation.