This Lahori Police Officer Requested Leaves Because He Was “Turned On” And Well, We Can Totally Relate!


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They say that a happy marriage is the one where there is a perfect balance of love, friendship, and trust but there is one more thing that a happy marriage requires – it’s the physical intimacy. Recently, news that caught our attention was of a Punjab police officer who requested leaves solely so that he could fulfill his ‘intimacy desires.’

The JPO in Lahore sent a handwritten application to Commandant Ring Road Police Lahore, requesting for leaves. The cop stated that due to his posting in Lahore, he was unable to visit his hometown Mailsi which is about 400Km away from the provincial capital. He was persistent about the leaves and provided enough reasons for his seniors to consider his application.

We be like…


Check out his application!

The cop mentioned that he was a newlywed and needed to visit his wife due to erratic urges that he couldn’t hold back and combat because of the winter season. He also penned down his emotional instability due to a lack of physical intimacy. In the application, the junior police officer wrote that even a good diet plan did not help him overcome these massive urges.

To top it off, the cop also mentioned that he doesn’t want to involve himself in any sort of inappropriate activities that might destruct his relationship and also go against the norms of society, which is why he should be given the leaves. Ordinarily, people might find this humorous and inappropriate that a cop is being so upfront about something like that (too much information it is) but to think rationally, this makes complete sense. Our cops struggle to keep us safe and secure every day, so shouldn’t they be granted enough leaves to have quality time with their loved ones?


The sole difference between this cop and rest of the people would be that he took a stand and went vocal about his valid issue instead of making up stories and excuses to go on leaves, for that, kudos to him! On some level, don’t you think we need more people like that? People who would voice their opinions? Above all that, we believe that if the police force is unable to provide their workers with leaves, they should at least provide them with accommodation to bring in their families and live with them.

To conclude the entire debate, we seriously think that this is a fundamental right of every employee to go away and spend time with their family. Let us know what you think about this, do you think the cop was being too blunt or did he hit the right spot?

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