Israel Attacked Gaza Just Before Ramadan And This Is The Most Heartbreaking Thing You’ll See Today!


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The Israel-Gaza conflict has been active since decades, where Israel committed unspeakable war crimes against innocent civilians of Gaza. Years and years of human rights violation, massacres, bombing civilians including women and children- Israel spared no one in the name of war. The world seems to turn a blind eye, no amount of protest could save them for the inevitable shellings and killings. Not knowing when and where they’d be taken down by a sniper or their entire family will be blown up in their sleep during the darkest hour of the night. The Israeli forces have targeted the health workers, journalists, and disabled civilians, as well.

The brutality of Israel is documented in the form of videos and pictures; you’ll find them all over the internet, yet the world sleeps on the matter. A good education, economic well-being and a bright future full of opportunities are snatched away pushing generations of Gaza into hopelessness. STILL, you’d hear them putting all their trust, faith and believe in the Almighty. With tears in their eyes and stomachs empty for days, they’d say, “Allah is with us”. While the entire Muslims nations prepared for Ramadan 2019, the innocent souls of Gaza were bombarded yet again leaving them in agony and in unspeakable pain.

Ramadan Started And So Did Israel’s Bombings On Gaza

It’s been reported that Gaza is under attack just before Ramadan and disturbing footages of buildings blowing up day and night have emerged.

We hope and pray that the buildings were evacuated and empty. Ya Allah, Reham!

The bombing continued as Israeli warplanes kept attacking Gaza repeatedly.

They have gone through so much loss, pain and anguish that they stopped fearing death. The Imam carries on with Isha prayers amidst bombing in the video below.

The aftermath of overnight shellings.

Palestinian journalists injured badly after getting shot by rubber-coated steel bullet. Israeli forces or anyone for that matter has no right to target unarmed people. Still, they continue to kill and no one bats an eye.

Among the casualties during this recent airstrike before Ramadan, a 14-month old baby too lost its life; not the first and sadly, not the last. They have cut off water and electricity supply that will soon leave the city inhabitable. Where is the Muslim world? How much longer will we let this go on? It’s heartbreaking watching them go through such cruelty and offence, that too before the holiest of months.

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