Thousands Of Students In Balochistan Protest Against PCS 2018 Exam After Unfair Result And Irregularities!


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Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and is rich in minerals and other natural resources. However, the people of Balochistan are not as rich as its resources owing to multiple factors. Nepotism and irregularities in the recently conducted  Public Civil Service(PCS) examination of Balochistan showcase how deprived the people of this province are.

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Balochistan Public Service came into being in 1973 and is responsible for the recruitment of various lucrative government jobs in the province. Under the auspices of the commission, the PCS exam for assistant commissioner and section officer BS (17), was conducted from September 27, 2018, to October 26, 2018. The exam consists of 7 papers, 4 compulsory and 3 optional- optional weigh 150 marks; whereas, compulsory papers are of 100 marks.

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More than 9000 candidates applied for the PCS exam from all over the province. However, only 78 candidates have qualified for the jobs and the result percentage was 0.08%. The question is, how could the result be that ruinous? According to our sources, huge infringements were made by the BPSC in the recent PCS exam.

As per our reports, the following irregularities transpired in the PCS exams 2018

1. In English paper there was a mistake in the first sentence of the precis instead of “Look” it was written “Book”, it changed the whole perspective of the precis. Moreover, there was a mistake of “one” and “one’s” in the sentence correction portion. It was rectified in one hall and not in all the other halls. The majority failed English paper owing to this heinous mistake of BPSC.

2.  In the Balochi question paper, Question NO#6 was missing in question sheets of two halls. Most of the Balochi language paper candidates failed and got fewer marks, which makes them a victim of meagre aggregate.

3. Pakistani Affairs and Islamiyat paper was cancelled during the exam, and it was conducted after 3 hours; however, the paper was a boom for the aspirants but the majority was failed in it, which is alarming!

4. Those who got 100 plus marks in the previous PCS exams were failed in their respective subjects. Islamic History, Geography, Psychology and Zoology were targetted; subject specialists were declared failed in these subjects.

5: The paper of commerce was cancelled due to the protest of candidates; nevertheless, the paper of psychology, which was out of syllabus was not cancelled.

6: Ironically, 2 employees or Balochistan public service commission (BPSC) have passed the exam. Is in it quite paradoxical?

7:  According to some students who went for recounting of their papers have found that their paper identity was disclosed and no secret coding was applied on the answer sheets.

Famous Pakistani social media activist Jibran Nasir visited Quetta and took the interview of the affected candidates. The candidates were saddened and frustrated. They remarked, if their papers are rechecked and even then they fail, they will burn their degrees in front of the BPSC office.

Following are the demands of the affectees

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1: Set up an independent commission to recheck their papers

2: Until the establishment of the commission, stop the process of interview

3: If rechecking is not possible then re-conduct the whole examinations

4: If none of our demand is acknowledged, we shall move the matter to the high court.

If such violations will crop up in the prestigious civil service exams, how will the bereaved province progress? Hopefully, CM Jam Kamal Khan and Prime minister Imran Khan will look into the matter and shall work for the justice.


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