Another Renowned University’s Dress Code Policy Is Diverting Students’ Attention From Education


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In every university, there is a proper code of conduct when it comes to the dressing of the students and the members of the faculty. It allows students to dress and appear themselves as formal, professional individuals. Additionally, it also gives a decent impression to the future prospects who would be considering the particular university.

On an average, every Pakistani co-education university prohibits the male students from wearing shorts when in the premionses. The aesthetics matter a lot – both, in terms of morally and culturally. However, it seems that to Iqra University, it matters more than the education they offer.

According to the new dress code issued by the university, male staff members and students are required to follow 7 different clothing patterns on regular basis. Essentially, it means if a student does not have the desired dressing items, he has to purchase them.

On the other hand, for females, it is quite simple. Of course, though, they are not allowed to wear jewelry which is too ‘distracting’.

Here’s the Dressing Code Issued by the University’s Administration

For male members, every day is fashion day because they are asked to wear certain clothes on daily basis.

For example, on Monday, they have to wear a formal shirt with a tie. On Saturday, they have to wear shirts with collar only. Had the university kept it simple, for instance, a formal shirt with formal pants, it would’ve made more sense than a dressing code which keeps changing.

For students who do not have enough money to purchase collar formal shirts, which are not very inexpensive, the university is definitely putting a lot of burdens.

Perhaps the focus of Iqra University should be more towards improving the standard of their education rather than focusing on how the students dress up.

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