The Untimely Passing Of Iqra Saeed Who Came To Lahore To Become A Model Shows How Unpredictable Life Is!


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The greatest and most important adventure of our lives is discovering who we really are. Yet, so many of us walk around either not really knowing or listening to an awful inner critic that gives us all the wrong ideas about ourselves.

We mistakenly think of self-understanding as self-indulgence, and we carry on without asking the most important question we’ll ever ask: Who am I really? As Mary Oliver put it, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Finding yourself may sound like an inherently self-centered goal, but it is actually an unselfish process that is at the root of everything we do in life.

Just like that, a model named Iqra Saeed, who had traveled to Lahore from Karachi and drew her last breath on Tuesday under unexplainable circumstances. She was allegedly given some sort of medication before being left at the hospital, doctors said.

A girl who came here to achieve her goals and find herself with zero idea that she might not be able to finish her journey.

Saeed, whose life was allegedly put to an end by someone, had been admitted to the hospital when three men – known as Usman, Hasan Butt, and Umar Raza Butt, all of whom are residents of Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Ravi area – had fled the location after leaving her at the Government Teaching Hospital Shahdara two days prior.

Moreover, the young model had been brought into the medical facility in an unconscious state and drew her last breath two days later. She was given some sort of “medication that caused her to pass away”, doctors at the hospital stated.

Police, on the other hand, said the lifeless body has now been moved to the morgue for post-mortem and an investigation has been initiated.

It’s sad to say that our society is witnessing an increasing rate of crime. Incidents as horrific as Zainab case and the ending the life of 10-year-old Amal in Karachi has become a common occurrence. Crimes in general and particularly against women and children have increased.

Every other day, there are reports of increasing crime rate with children, robberies, and mugging in the print and electronic media. There’s no safe time to walk alone on the streets of Karachi and Lahore whether its day or night and women are mistreated every other day.

The city of lights was the centerpiece of the coalition government of back in 2008. It brought together all “secular” allies. On the streets of Lahore, hundreds of bodies have fallen and many have already suffered on several occasions!

Its high time women and children feel safe in this country and the police up their game when comes to protecting the local citizens.

Iqra Saeed came here to become something but fell prey to the crime rate and unfair environment of the city. Where on one side we as a country promise to protect our people, cases like these occur frequently and it’s just plain sad and heartbreaking.

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