Indians Allegedly Set Imran Khan’s Dummy On Fire Which Made Pakistanis Angry, But There’s A HUGE Twist!


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The recent Pulwama incident has shaken the internet and Pakistanis and Indians are outraged! It indeed has changed a lot of things and let’s just say that things are getting dirtier!  Indians cannot stop blaming Pakistanis for this tragic incident and have been threatening them like anything with video messages, hilarious Tik Tok videos, memes and what not! Ye bhi koi baat hui?

However, despite them trying to hurt Pakistanis with all their ‘failed’ efforts, they’re surely forgetting is what Pakistanis are capable of. One after the other, Indians are trying their level best to trigger Pakistanis but nah, Indians are trying way too hard that it’s actually funny! Whatever they’ve done so far have been nothing but failed attempts to threaten us. For example, a few Indians tried to draw a Pakistani flag on their street,

Just recently, another video went circulating on social media were a group of enraged Indian protestors set a dummy on fire claiming it to be of Imran Khan but what happened next was shocking! Before you read any further, let us tell you two things:  You can’t escape Karma and two: whatever Indians have done till now after the incident to trigger us Pakistanis, has failed badly.

Let’s not jump to conclusions here keep reading!

*The following video is graphic*

Check out the video and guys, there’s a twist to this!

انڈیا میں عمران خان کا پُتلا جلانے والے خود ہی جٙل گئے۔

Posted by Pakistan Cyber Defence News on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Many of you might know what this is about because this video is pretty old. The reality is completely different! People were claiming that these Indians set fire on Imran Khan figure but here’s the truth! Like we said, one after the other, Indians keep failing terribly at their efforts! It wasn’t Imran Khan but their own Prime Minister, Modi. Haww… Their own Prime Minister!

This incident took place back in 2015 when a press statement issued by the Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee said it staged protests in all 17 organizational districts against the BJP-led central government for launching a malicious political vendetta against the Congress and its leaders. The angry Congress workers were furious with rage and that’s when they decided to set their Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s dummy on fire. So that’s that!

Well, for those who didn’t know, this was the reality. They did not burn Imran Khan’s figure but their own Prime Minister’s. Hanso ab sab.

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