After Two Airplanes, 300 Cars Burn Down In Indian Airforce Show And Pakistanis Are Asking, “Yeh Humse Larenge?”


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These are modern times and in this age, the warfare has been taking to the next level and it can be seen clearly if you belong to India or Pakistan.

Since the Pulwama incident, there have been numerous warnings by the Indian people to the people of Pakistan and every single thing they have done on the social media has effectively backfired on them, all credits to the ever cool and humorous Pakistanis replying the Indian trolls back with memes and jokes.

There have been a lot of incidents that make every Pakistani question “Yeh karaingay jang?” and this piece is also about one of such incidents that happened in India.

Fire at the government-run air-show in Bengaluru.

There was a fire at the air show held by the Indian government in Bengaluru. The fire was so bad that it destroyed hundreds of cars, fortunately, there were no casualties. The footage shows the cars being burned and the black smoke rising up. Well India, before you think of challenging us you really need to get hold of your own fires.

Asia’s biggest air-show.

This had to be Asia’s biggest air-show but unfortunately now it has to be temporarily suspended due to this incident. But now it has all gone to ashes as about 300 vehicles got caught in the fire. And three hundred is a huge number. The fire reportedly started on the dry grass and spread to the vehicles and in no time hundreds of cars were set ablaze. The incident is pretty unfortunate but on the brighter side there have been no lives lost in this.

Unprepared for putting out a fire.

So apparently it seems that Indian forces are not even prepared for putting out fires and they even lack basic equipment. And these are the people who want to go on a war with us? Seriously? The audacity should be applauded.

There was another tragic incident earlier.

To the people who want to call out Pakistan on the smallest thing happens to need to look into this before they challenge us. Earlier two Indian fighter jets collided with each other cause one of the pilots to lose his life. So incidents like these should really humble the Indians down.

We hope that the incident didn’t cause any damage to any life and appropriate measures were taken to get things under control. We all love air shows but safety is important too. As for India, kuch SAMAJH MEIN AYA KYA?

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