India Handed Over Pakistani Deaf and Mute Boy After He Crossed Border Illegally


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However, the relations of Pakistan and India have never been on good side politically but many a time things are handled very well and collaborated smoothly. There have been numerous cases of people mistakenly crossing the border and got arrested by BSF.


The 12-year-old boy who is speech and hearing impaired illegally crossed the borders of India on May 1st of 2017.
Where he was arrested by Border Security Forces (BSF) last year on 17th May. Hasnain Javed from Bhambay Jhugain, Lahore went missing last year on May 1. Later the family lodged a report to police of Shadhbagh.
When the currency and flag of Pakistan were presented before the boy by the Indian authorities, he recognized them and the authorities made sure to acquire right information for Hasnain. After watching the news channels, the family immediately identified the boy who was by then arrested by BSF and was sent to Amritsar Jail.

Here is the video of the boy, Hasnain Javed

Hasnain’s parents were agitated on how he was transported to India and appealed to the government of Pakistan to arrange for their son to be immediately brought back. On Dec 19, Indian Juvenile Justice Board released the boy because he completed punishment for the breach of crossing borders without documents.

After his release a Pakistani consular official accompanied the boy to Wagha border, so he could be handed over to his family after rangers received him from borders. Currently, the boy is at the rehabilitation center until the legal documentation is being prepared by Child Welfare and Protection Bureau in Lahore. Legal documentation is being made for formalities of shifting the boy to his family.

It was a good collaboration by Indian Juvenile Justice Board and Pakistan High Commission to get the boy back home safely. Until then, Hasnain will stay in the rehabilitation of Pakistan.

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