After India Wore Army Caps In A Match, Pakistan Will Wear Black For Kashmir If ICC Doesn’t Take Action!

Indian cricket team was seen wearing camouflaged caps in solidarity with their army in the third ODI against Australia. This raised a lot of questions and opinions about how cricket is being politicized. Whether ICC should have allowed it or not or if there was any reason for BCCI to take this step. In response to this Pakistan’s interior minister, Mr. Fawad Chaudhry said that BCCI has politicized the gentlemen’s game and requested ICC to take action against this.

Should Pakistan team also wear black bands in solidarity with Kashmir?

Mr. Fawad Chaudhry also said that Pakistan cricket team also needs to wear black bands in solidarity with Kashmir to remind the world about Indian atrocities in Kashmir. He further requested PCB to lodge a formal protest against the Indian cricket team and BCCI. This makes sense as cricket and politics are totally different things and they should never be mixed together. Wearing Indian army caps in an international cricket match? Seems like going a little too overboard with the patriotism, guys. Players like Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are loved in Pakistan and many youngsters look up to them and idolize them. Steps taken like these will have adverse effects on the young fans they have in Pakistan. Heroes are supposed to promote peace and harmony, not create divide and differences.

English cricketer Moeen Ali was not allowed to wear bands in solidarity with Gaza.

Do you not think that it is quite hypocritical of ICC to let the whole Indian cricket team to wear army caps as a “tribute” to their army but Moeen Ali was not allowed to wear these wrist bands that said “Save Gaza” because it was too political? ICC and their double standards is a story that is not something new.

Cricket at its worst?

Our very own Fahad Mustafa also tweeted about this and claimed that this is the worst of cricket. Seeing Indian cricket team supporting their army in a cricket field.

But the joke was really on India.

The day Indian cricket team decides to wear Indian army caps, a Pakistani born Usman Khwaja beats the hell out of them taking his team to victory and defeating India in the worst possible way.

This step from BCCI was pretty unnecessary but if ICC takes no action against this, Pakistan team has every right to wear black bands in solidarity with Kashmir.