ICC Rejects BCCI's Appeal For "Cutting Ties" With Pakistan And Man, This Is Another Embarrassment -

ICC Rejects BCCI’s Appeal For “Cutting Ties” With Pakistan And Man, This Is Another Embarrassment!


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Following the Pulwama terror attack, there has been a lot of advancement from India against Pakistan in a lot of ways. And the Indian cricket board didn’t want to stay behind and wrote an appeal to the International Cricket Council, to sever ties with Pakistan. ICC conveniently rejected the appeal and BCCI and India as a nation, put itself to shame yet again.

ICC has no role to play here.

ICC officials turned down BCCI’s appeal to cut ties with Pakistan saying that it is not in their domain. ICC said that they have no role to play here as the matter is not in their hands. The official from International Cricket Council further said that “So many players from member nations play the Pakistan Super League and they would have never entertained such a request. Yes, security was a concern and it had been duly addressed“.

Another day another “bisti” for India.

Well, India should get used to it by now getting insulted in front of the world. First claiming the damage of trees in Pakistan as the most successful military operation against militants in the history of operations. Then getting deprived of hosting Asian Tour 10 Reds Snooker tournament after a possibility of rejecting visas to Pakistani participants.

From boycotting Pakistan to boycotting the world cup.

Things have escalated rather unusually for India here, for a nation that wanted to boycott Pakistan in the world cup and sever ties with it, they are now asking to boycott the 2019 cricket world cup. Well, dear neighbors, Pakistan is definitely here to stay and you guys need to get ready to face us on the cricket field. We hope the champions trophy memories are still fresh. 😉

Kya se kya hogaye dekhte dekhte

Look how the tables have turned. We really do feel sorry for India being humiliated like this on daily basis and really getting nothing of it. All their efforts to harm Pakistan and give it a bad name in any way possible have been futile. And it has been a win-win situation for Pakistan in every way.

Though we really hope that Indians get some sense and learn to live peacefully and realize that warzone and cricket fields are different; politics should be kept away from sports or entertainment and arts. The rivalry should only be on the field and other then that, we really need to live like brothers, we are almost the same.

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