Young Hindu Boy Gang-Raped And Blackmailed By Son And Goons Of PPP Leader!

The news in Pakistan, once again, has been marred with stories of rape and torture against children and young adults. Over the last week, more than 10 different cases of rape and sexual abuse have erupted from different parts of the country.

The minority in Pakistan, namely Hindus, have never been oppressed by the likes of Muslims in the country, as it is vice versa in India. However, from time to time, incidents of high-handedness against the minority take place which ruins the whole ordeal of Pakistan’s secular nature.

In Darro, Sajwal, Sindh, a very tragic incident took place some time back. A young Hindu boy, Prakash, was abducted by influential leaders at gun-point and taken to the otaaq (guest-house) of an influential PPP leader Mirpur Bathoro, Taluka General Secretary Arbab Mohammad Ibrahim, Saleem Ghuggo and two other people.

As per the father of the child who had been raped, the influentials took his son hostage, raped him taking turns and filmed the whole ordeal. After their initial encounter, for a time period, they continued taking advantage of the teenager, blackmailing him every time he said no. The animals also put forward financial demands from the child’s father, stating that if money was not paid, they would release the footage on the internet.

That is exactly what happened. A couple of days back, the internet went rogue against the released video of the young boy, who was gang-raped. The video caught everyone’s attention, including Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal. The family of the young boy, since, have moved from Darro to Hyderabad, seeking shelter from the culprits and trying to stay away from controversy.

The child’s father also said that since the incident, his son has gone into depression and also seems suicidal. As painful as it may be for the father, social media activists and the general public have lent their support to him and his family. Home Minister Siyal has ordered a foolproof FIR against the culprits and has also directed the SP Sajawal to provide adequate security to the child and his family.

Siyal also told a TV channel that the people responsible for the unfortunate incident will be brought to book, regardless of who they are whatever their status in his party is. Update: the culprits have been arrested by Sindh police.