Hamza Ali Abbasi Finally Speaks Up After Pakistanis Can’t Stop Complaining About Naya Pakistan

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the most notorious celebrity in the Pakistani cinema. He’s the only celebrity who’s too knowledgeable in politics for an average Pakistani. Also, people believe that he likes to have an opinion on almost everything. There was a time when he was severely being bashed for bashing everyone and everything! Many of his followers even turned their backs on him, they started to disagree with him on so many levels, and people thought that he’s being too negative all of a sudden.

Like in the case of Reham Khan, when she and Imran Khan parted their ways and later this year she wrote a book. That time Hamza was the first one to reveal the script of the book and upload it on social media. Though Reham too didn’t stay silent and the content of the book was obscene but Hamza was not any good in language to her.

Well, he is a proud and clear IK fan and supporter, but sometimes people go to extented lengths for supporting what they believe in. Even if it is wrong!

People now are questioning the government who is given a chance by the nation. The same nation now wants outcomes, they want to see the results. IK promised that he will do great reforms within 100 days, now that 60 days have been passed but no such changes are seen, anywhere!

Hamza Ali Abbasi as always out of the blue came up with a tweet where he said it has only passed 60 days, give the government some time

And people didn’t like his words back

Oopss! Some truth? or anger?

Once and for all

Wah kia bat hai! *claps*

Now he has some hope! Kudos

Well, he has a valid point! The amount of destruction that previous governtment did is not easy to fix!

The harm that many previous government did to our country could not completly fixed within 5 years or maybe 10! It will definatly take time, and don’t forget that good things take time. Have faith! Cheers! 😉