Pakistani Guy gets caught at the Customs for Carrying Drugs to Saudi Arabia worth Rs. 2 Crore


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We all have seen many cases of drugs being transported to foreign countries and have heard stories that how some people successfully get it cleared through customs. A guy named Imtiaz Ali was carrying it cleverly carrying 2.5 kgs 2.5 Kg of drugs in his baggage when he was catching a flight to Saudi Arabia. Little did he know, he would get caught at the customs.

Well, the glorification of drug-taking across popular culture probably doesn’t do much to wane people off drugs, in fact, if anything it has the opposite effect. Searches are supposed to be done outside of the public view for respect of privacy of the accused. All the legal procedures would take place in Pakistan and the victim would be charged for being guilty.

The shocking video was filmed in the customs office.

The drug is worth 2 crores in Pakistani currency and the victim would be charged on the basis of the weight of the drug being transported. There was a time when drug culture was synonymous with dark alleyways, lethal case studies and mysterious dealers. For some young people today, the narrative is somewhat different.

Despite the well-known health risks of taking drugs – not to mention the fact that it is illegal – doing so nowadays aligns you with millions of others, for whom buying a gram of cocaine is as easy as ordering a takeaway. For some, drug-taking has become so ingrained in their social circles that it’s permeating into their family and work lives too.

However, the issue is not that we’ve become so disassociated from drugs that we no longer see them as contemptible – and not to mention, illegal substances, but that hardly any of the people I spoke to expressed a solid understanding of the potential risks.

There are a number of festivals, nightclubs and bars that are renowned for their lax approach to drugs, making it all too easy to smuggle them in. What’s your take on this?

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