18 Out Of 80 Girls Physically Molested By Bahria College Invigilator Sadat Bashir Speak Out!

Sexual harassment, the topic that has constant been under discussion ever since the mass expose on Twitter, which included that of Ali Zafar, has finally taken pace. It seems that the people living in Pakistan are ready to denounce harassment completely, contrary to how things are handled across the border, in India.

Yes, black sheep exist among us and they always will. But together, society needs to denounce them, take strict measures and always speak up, so more people do not suffer the same fate. A very tragic incident has been reported from Bahria College, Islamabad, where female students of Inter-level, were sexually harassed by their external practical invigilator.

Source: Twitter.com

The devil in civil clothes, the practical examiner who harassed 80 young girls from Bahria College, and hundreds of others, is a man named Sadat Bashir. The incident sparked fire when one girl took the initiative and spoke out on social media against what exactly happened on the day they were harassed. Since then, a domino effect has followed and 18 out of the 80 girls who were harassed, along with others who had been fondled by this beast before, spoke out on social media.

Here are all the testimonies girls have given against this perverted harasser

In every single one of the testimonies, students have pointed out how the pedophile disguised as an examiner would touch them on different places of their bodies, while attempting to flirt. Most of the girls made sure the examiner knew they were feeling uncomfortable, but that did not stop him from carrying out his devilish actions.

Social media in Pakistan is extremely angered by the incident and people, including celebrities, are speaking out under the hashtag #MeToo and #TimesUp.