A Girl Lost Rs. 4 Lakhs Due To The UBL Skimming Fraud And She’s Super Angry!

Every sector of this nation seems to be falling a prey in the hands of the fraudsters which keep on finding new ways to trick the innocent citizens. The financial market is a new target for the hackers who have made an ATM card their medium by using them to make unauthorized withdrawals from different bank customers accounts. Several requests have been made by the 600 customers who fell victim of the scam to recover their huge amounts. Although, till now no effort has been made to recover the capital. One of those suffering is Aliza Shanzay.

Aliza shared her story with the world by making a video and putting it up on her Facebook account. In the video, she explains the tiny details of the incident and further added as to how UBL dealt with her in order to solve her issue. Aliza traveled from Islamabad to Lahore and then from Lahore, she reached Malaysia by Malindo Air on 5th January 2018. At the night of 16th January 2018, she received an email saying that 600 rupees withholding tax has been deducted from her account. Being concerned over the matter she came back to Islamabad on 17th January. To know the details of the amount deducted she logged in to her net banking account which revealed to her that 2 lakh each has been withdrawn from 2 of her accounts.


Through information from a personal contact working in UBL, she was told that it’s a skimming case and her ATM cards have been blocked. Not only that they also mentioned how 32 more customers have been dealing with the same issue. She went to UBL branch as soon as she landed in Pakistan along with the press, her mother was already at the bank. The bank employees offered her food and later on asked her to fill a dispute form and write an application. One of her friend recording the happening was told not to make the video.


She received a called from Karachi headquarters saying “Maam, you had the card so it isn’t possible that someone else would have done the transaction”. Recently she received a call asking her to fill the form again as there is some discrepancy. The UBL head office called Aliza and said “Maam, you might have come to Karachi and done the transaction from Summit Bank” to which she replied that you must have the CCTV footage, so you better check from that. Aliza explained how the mental torture by UBL made her complain about them in FIA. In the last she requested, The State Bank Of Pakistan and FIA to give her justice as she cant keep begging the Bank for her rightful money. Aliza shared that she had emailed UBL that she might commit suicide and would blame the Bank for it.

It’s better to avoid using ATM cards due to this particular fraud in town which has already hurt a lot of people. If you liked this article then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.