Two Beautiful Wild Giraffes Being Kept As Pets Inside A House In DHA Karachi Is Setting New ‘Elite’ Standards!


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Yet once again, it’s the DHA, Karachi lying at the crux of our current coverage. Due to it being nascent at this stage, we can afford to call it a story. A story that is brewing up since it found its way into the omnipresent social media. Let’s get down to it.

A Mere Photographed Giraffe In A Lawn Triggers Off An Outcry

What can actually be remarked on this sort of pictures that have gone viral in the matter of a few hours? Two fully-grown, adult giraffe standing tall and healthy, according to what the “leaked” snap depicts. What it fails to reveal is its other companion, both claimed to have been seen by the neighborhood.

Source: twitter

Also, the observer fails to find the animal being chained up or sustained on a minimal diet. All of these facts may be falling well under the “theory” category if the photograph is carefully scrutinized forensically. You might be interested in taking a glance at the picture yourself:

Giraffe Claimed To Have Been Spotted At The DHA: Now You See, Now You Don’t See!

If Only Forensics Could Validate The Public Reasoning And Reactions…..

During these hours, all sorts of public reactions have plagued the above-posted tweet. Going through the post, there can be found pair of docile creatures, kept in captivity in allegedly in a house located at DHA, Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Karachi. And, the reactions? Ranging from the empathetic “WTF!”, “OMG!” and “What a pity!” to some of the more aggressive ones like, “This is inhuman!”, “Wretched, these owners!” and “This sounds unreal and crazy!”.

Keeping to the possibility of such photographs often synthesized over Photoshop and then turned maniacally viral over the social media, some feedbacks were more realistic. These comments appeared more reasonable and thus, commendable. Some suggested to “— report to the authorities” while others labeled the act as “Highly illegal and punishable”.

A Photo Depicting Giraffes Kept As Pets: Domesticating The Wild?

Source: This Battered Suitcase

The Other Side Of The “Picture” Might Be The True One

Our society, still a naive one in certain respects, thrives primarily upon hearsay and gossips, to say the least. Just imagine for a moment or two, what if all this hype has been made-up with apparently no purpose in sight? What if the Photoshop artist is playing strokes with their follower audience? In the modern world, this isn’t a matter of being truthful or a liar. This is what the modernistic societies like to be called as “chewing the fat”.

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