Gharida Farooqui Claims That The Mastermind Behind NZ Incident Once Visited Pakistan And Pakistanis Are Furious

Gharida Farooqui Claims That The Mastermind Behind NZ Incident Once Visited Pakistan And Pakistanis Are Furious!


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Gharida Farooqui is not an unknown name when it comes to journalism in Pakistan but do our journalists really have what it takes to be a responsible journalist? Post-tragedy media and social media has always been problematic and today has been no different. After the unfortunate incident in New Zealand, everyone came up with their own reactions to it and some were really not at all appreciated by the people. Gharida Farooqui did something similar regarding this incident and shared something on her Twitter which was probably quite unnecessary.

What really is the point of sharing this?

Gharida shared a picture of the New Zealand incident mastermind with the caption stating that he has visited Pakistan in 2018. And people really raised a lot of questions that why was this even necessary and why was it important to share this and even if he visited Pakistan how is this related to anything that he has committed.

Her tweet made Pakistanis really mad and they were asking the right questions.

Yes, the incident was really sad and a question on humanity to what is happening and how the man needs to face the consequences for his crimes. The whole world is sending in condolences and at this moment, we need to stick together as a Muslim community rather than giving our own conspiracy theories.

Some really questioned her mental stability.

Well this was almost rude but seriously Gharida, what the hell? There really is no relation to the fact that the guy behind NZ mosque incident visited Pakistan and to what he did today.

We really have no idea.

All of us have the same question and the reaction. What even is she trying to imply? Does it matter if he has visited Pakistan? Nobody is trying to defend the person in question but just trying to find the logic behind Gharida’s tweet saying that he has visited Pakistan in 2018.

This really was a bad move by Gharida.

Responsible journalism is what was needed today by any journalist covering this news. Now her tweet will lead to more assumptions that may taint Pakistan’s reputation. Everyone has the right to say whatever they want but this really was not needed as it had no connection to whatever happened today.

Pakistani’s reacted really strongly against this tweet and rightly so. We need to pray for the victims and their families rather than presenting our own conspiracy theories.

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