This PML-N Supporter Was Seen Sipping Milk From A ‘Feeder’ And People Can’t Control Their Laughter!

The party workers are the most essential part of any political party. They can sacrifice their lives for the sake of politicians without being worried about their own families as they actually follow these political leaders, religiously. This passion is not a new thing in Pakistan, we all know about ‘jiyala’ of Pakistan People Party who is bound to stick with the Bhutto family of the party no matter what is the state of the party. The other political parties also gave a name to their follower, PTI’s ‘youthiye’ and PML-N’s ‘noon leegi’ are all we know about.

These crazy fans of political leaders sometimes, maybe unintentionally, do a fun thing which becomes memorable for life! Remember when a PPP’s jiyala chanted ‘Go Zardari Go’ instead of ‘Go Nawaz Go’…

Listen To PPP Jiyala’s Chants!

And back in 2017, PTI worker and now Sindh’s Governor Imran Ismail sang a song for his leader in a jalsa while his leader was enjoying the performance!

Rok Sako To Rok Lo Tabdeeli Ai Ray!

But PML-N has always owned the most talented workers (no pun intended!), they not only raise the valid issues of Pakistan but also make you laugh! How many of you have seen this noon-leegi whose video went viral on the social media during General Election 2018? He just shared his plan for the day!

So, we have witnessed another noon-leegi yesterday while former Law Minister of Punjab Rana Sanaullah was talking to the media. As Rana Sahab was busy in bashing the ruling party, his worker brought the’feeder’ out of pocket and took a sip! Yes, it was a feeder!

Want Proof? See The Video By Your Own!

Here Is How People Reacted To This Video!

And Social Media Users Have Named The Guy ‘Feeder Man Of Pakistan’…

That’s Rude!


So This Is The Reason!

See His Complete Interview Here!

Guys, Stop Judging!

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