Yesterday’s Earthquake Prevents this 16-year-old in Charsadda from Getting Allegedly Gang Raped


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Yesterday, an earthquake jolted different parts of Pakistan and was majorly experienced in various locations across Punjab, KPK, and Balochistan. It was said to be 6.2 on the Richter Scale and had an estimated depth of 187 km. Among the casualties, a minor girl reported lost her life and 9 were left injured during a house collapse.

Pakistanis on social media were reporting their experiences from different parts of the country. It sent a wave of terror and fright among people.

Meanwhile, a very shocking news emerged regarding yesterday’s earthquake. According to Daily Pakistan, a 16-year-old girl in Charsadda managed to escape from being gang-raped when the earthquake tremors were felt.


Her name is Ayesha, and she revealed major details of the incident to the media. According to Ayesha, her mother was away on a visit to their relatives, while she was alone at her house. She further added that two armed men from her locality broke into the house and tried to rape her. However, the alleged men rushed away in panic as soon as the earthquake tremors were felt, according to the girl.

With that being said, the girl’s family also filed a report with the police regarding the whole incident. According to that piece of information, around four men allegedly barged into their house and after making their way over the walls. They held the 16-year-old Ayesha hostage under threat of being shot by a gun and tried to rape her with an intention to film it.

Source: OTV

The case has gone into further investigation and according to DPO Charsadda, the police officials are in search of the alleged culprits. Ayesha was taken to a hospital for a medical checkup and her statement was recorded.

It’s an appalling that safety and security of locals and minors in villages and remote areas is so vulnerable and the culprits lurk around everywhere, so rampant as if the law does not even exist.

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