Doctor in Quetta Ruins the Life of a 17-Year-Old Girl After a Surgery And Where’s Humanity?


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The standard of services offered in government institutes is poor when it comes to Pakistan. For the lower class, they have no choice but to go for these institutes in the hour of need. However, often we hear stories of how the negligence the staff of the government institutes implement and there is no accountability whatsoever.

Similar is the case which happened to this 17-year-old girl from Quetta.

While treating Yasmin Suleman for her appendix operation, the doctors at the local government hospital called BMC (Bolan Medical Complex)  chopped the urine tact by mistake and then left a needle in her system. Due to this incompetency, the 17-year-old girl will now spend her entire life depending on a urine bag.

The father of Yasmin wishes that the government takes action against BMC and the doctor who treated her. The needle was left in Yasmin for a long period of time. The father shares that they are now out of money, but Yasmin is now dependent on urine bags for her entire life.

Additionally, Yasmin shared that while inserting and injecting the urine bag, she feels severe pain.

Here’s the News Report on the Entire Incident:

Serious action is definitely required. Just a few days ago, we saw how teachers in a government school were treating students; they were asking the students to do the chores of teachers while they relaxed. This, however, is beyond that. This incident has ruined Yasmin’s life.

The government must take action against the doctors treating Yasmin and take their license. They need to pay Yasmim’s family for the life-long expenses the family would have to deal with.

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