Uproar In Pakistan After Nashwa’s Tragic Case Leaves Hospital Darul Sehat Sealed And It’s A Win!


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On April 14, faith in humanity ended when a nine-month-old baby Nashwa was treated wrong by the staff of Darul Sehat Hospital. Nashwa was brought to the hospital by her father for a routine checkup when she was given a wrong dose.

The heartbreaking case of Nashwa

Darul Sehat Sealed - Parhlo

Nashwa was treated with Potassium Chloride in concentrated form which caused her heart to stop. She was resuscitated for around an hour during which her brain took a toll. She was then rushed to Liaquat National Hospital but the poor angel could not make it to the other line.

This incident gained high media support causing uproar and anger among the nation. Legal action was taken into account immediately after Nashwa’s father filed FIR against the hospital.

A shady record for Darul Sehat

Darul Sehat Hospital has a history of such cases. Many affectees of their non-professional and untrained staffed showed up on Media during this period of misery for Nashwa’s family. The protestors chanted slogans and hurled eggs at the hospital staff.

Darul Sehat Sealed - Parhlo
Source: Express Tribune

Commissioner Karachi, Iftikhar Shalwani told the press that Hospital was given warnings in the past as well but failed to comply with the standards, which later resulted in this shattering incident.

Around fifty percent of their staff is untrained, he said.

The Governance of Face-saving

Darul Sehat Sealed - Parhlo

Crumbling to the severe pressure asserted by Media and Human Rights bodies, Sindh Government decided to seal Darul Sehat Hospital, the previous night.

Deputy Commissioner Karachi-East said that a team consisting of the assistant commissioner, representatives of the Sindh Healthcare Commission and police officials are part have sealed the Hospital while patients are being shifted to other medical facilities.

Also, in a presser, the Chief Minister said, “I am not satisfied with the report and even the health minister has expressed her reservations over it,” adding that strict action would be taken against the doctors involved in the incident.

Devils concealing as Doctors…

Parallel to this incident, another soul-wracking story appeared in Korangi No. 5, where a young girl named Asmat, was dishonored before being deprived of existence in a government hospital. Asmat, 26, visited the hospital complaining about a toothache.

Darul Sehat Sealed - Parhlo

Asmat was a bright young woman, an emerging community leader in Ibrahim Hyderi. An independent woman, she was financially supporting her family.

At what cost…!

But the question arises what it takes to jolt the conscience of our government and LEAs… How many Nashwas and Asmats would need to be taken in order to take such perpetrators of humanity to the task, who are at large since forever…!

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