CSS 2019 Saga: Pakistani Bureaucrats Sold Exam Papers To More Than 1000 Aspirants And This Is Such A Shame!

We all know how many good position jobs are acquired in Pakistan. Either by some source or resource (read money) and merit is no such thing to be used on getting government and many jobs alike.

In many such situations, poor people are stuck in luck! Working all life to be someone, only to grow up old to know that this is not the right path. Maybe the right path was never really created. It’s all corrupted and spoiled.

The higher education system is for the rich, the jobs are for the rich, so the old saying is still keeping it’s fresh “The rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer”!

When all this is happening, many people opt for CSS, the most reliable and credible of all exams to be ever taken. This is the best way to cash on merit! This year CSS exams are being held in 19 cities of Pakistan. Including, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar.

While thousands of aspirants were all set to give one of the toughest exams to be held, the news channel shocked many people with a piece of news. Few of the government officers were accused of leaking the exam paper of CSS 2019!

And it was quite shocking to all the people who had faith in the credibility of this exam! Paper was leaked to a thousand students. FIA claims!

Four exams were completed by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). There accused govt. officers here are the ones who had the reputation of being pious and truthful but the breach of trust is led by the mere sin of greed!

Tajamal Hussain Naqvi

When the FIA got to know about the complaints of the CSS 2019 exam paper being leaked out, the FIA team was quick to investigate and later found out that Tajamal (Excise and Taxation department officer) was not the only was who was involved in this case. But Khalid Hussain Mughairi  Assitant Director FPSC in charge of Quetta examination had the main role in this whole greed game. It is also said that the accused would take a heavy amount from students a few hours before the exam in exchange for exam papers.

Khalid Hussain Mughairi

Now after the thorough investigation by the FIA team Tajamal, Khalid Hussain, and Engineer Shahzad Sial were arrested. The FIA team filed a case against the accused and the unidentified students in Anti-Crime Circle police station in Lahore for further investigation process.

Shahzad Sial claimed that Khalid Hussain would send photos of the exam paper a few hours prior to Tajamal and he would leak the exam in exchange of heavy money!

Upon investigation, Khalid Hussain’s account was debited with Rs. 980,000! All the accused are sent to Lahore for further investigation!