Col. Ayub Haider Almost Lost Both His Eyes But His Hopeful Message Shows How Strong Our Army-Men Are!

The ever so famous debate of Pakistan where people say that our country’s army enjoys the biggest budget! There is no lie in it. Every year a VERY LARGE amount of the country’s budget is given to the army. And it is backed by a school of thought that the army needs more budget to protect the country.

The other school of thought which says that if the army enjoys a larger amount of budget then it’s not the soldiers on the borders who get it, all of it is spent on the weapons and research. The soldiers live endless years on the borders, away from their families and loved ones, just to protect the country from evil! These are not the ones who get to eat the best or sleep on the most comfortable beds like any normal citizen.

The army works for its people and goes to the field knowing that their life is written off in the name of the country.

Another dedicated soldier lost his eyes, battling anti-state elements in DG Khan!

Col. Ayub Haider is the finest example of Pakistan Army. His gratitude is unshakable!

Col. Ayub ran to the already injured soldiers during the operation but as he arrived there the perpetrators used another explosive which caused Col. Ayub a lot of injuries, majorly hurting his eyes.

May his courage win!

“Such valor and bravery are reasons why Pakistan is invincible with certainly Allah’s will. Heartfelt prayers for Col. Ayub. May Allah sustain his health as he recovers from his wounds and is no longer bound to bed.”

Col. will soon be standing on his feet and will walk the bravest walk! Soon.

It’s the unshakable courage that makes Pakistan army different from all! May we get to have many soldiers like Col. Ayub and may they stay protected! Ameen.