Climate Records show that Pakistan is heating up


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In a story published in the New York Times, temperatures in the city of Turbat hit a record high of 54.4° c. Even though summers are usually severely hot in the city, this is the first time that temperatures have soared so high. This is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Asia.

source: Twitter

16 of Pakistan’s 17 hottest summers have been recorded after 2000, showing a trend where temperatures are climbing. This is one of the effects of global warming, i.e. the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its related effects.

Pakistan has two main sources of water- rivers that flow from India and natural sources such as glaciers in the Himalayas. Global warming will result in the latter melting, resulting in a shortage of water in the future. If the trend continues as is, it is expected that the country will run out of consumable water by 2050.

Action is needed on a global and political level to start efforts against global warming. If not, the repercussions are severe enough that human life will be severely impacted. Most people do not believe in global warming and no steps can be taken against it unless they end up changing their minds.

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