Remember Arshad ‘Chaiwala’ Khan? Here’s What The Blue-Eyed Lad Is Doing Now With a Make-Over!


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You might recall our Chai Wala, an Islamabad-based youngster. The one who topped all media headlines and social media coverage. And man, didn’t he become the hottest trend of his times and a full-fledged celebrity! So, what of him now? You need to get updated on his current circumstances and what is he up to now.

Rising From Mediocrity Into The Limelight

The story of Arshad Khan is that of extraordinary and extraterrestrial circumstances. On a September, 2017 morning, little had he realized his luck was going to escort him from rags to riches. Born among 16 other siblings to an extremely poor family, formal education was out of question. That eventful day, he was aged 17 years and in his full prime youth. At the end of yet another hectic day at his tea stall, he was clicked unaware by a lady photographer, Jiyah Ali. He was posted on Instagram and within hours, he was trending in most parts of the globe.

These Indian Girls Were Like Drooling Over The “Tea Star”…

And, Even Ready To “Sip” Him Down Without The Cup…

So, Is Arshad Khan Being Managed Well?

Belonging to a conservative family, the extent to which he has proceeded in the showbiz world was virtually unthinkable in his environment. Yet, he got it going smoothly, though at a limited pace. And, partner to his success? His newly hired personal manager whom Arshad considers his father-figure. His manager’s shrewd approach and intelligent decision-making have paid off well. Arshad is all set to hit the showbiz platform with a bang louder than ever before!

From Commercials To Videos, Arshad Khan Has Discovered All


After seeing through a number of commercial assignments, the Chai Wala delved into attempting at a song video. And, was this the point he never wished for? The romantic number featured “intimate” scenes which were intolerable to his feudal family. The result? He was barred from performing in all sorts of media and we thought we had lost a real star in the making.

Watch his latest interview!

Remember ‘Chaiwala’ Arshad Khan? This is where he’s at right now!

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The Star Is Bound To Shine And Reflect Brilliance

After the “ban” has been formally lifted, other opportunities for Arshad Khan lie in the offing. One such venture would be his performance in television drama, Chaiwala & Friends. Chaiwala & Friends stars Ali Fateh, Malik Aqeel, and TV host and actor, Marium Salman with Arshad Khan. So, our blue-eyed boy is still very much into the act and going to continue with the spree!

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