A Dulhan From Punjab Robbed Her 70-Year-Old Husband On The First Night Of Their Wedding And Tauba Hai!


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We often come across news that leaves our heart shattered and there’s no doubt about the fact that those who are less fortunate are taken advantage of no matter what it is; either be taking disadvantage of your domestic helper or beggars on the street, there’s always something that tears our hearts apart.

Speaking of which, there have been a number of cases reported where people have run just before they were getting married or have run away later with all the valuables! We have often heard stories where the in-laws of the bride have demanded the bride and her family for unnecessary things which at times they can’t even afford. But sadly, that’s how our society is.

And just like this, here’s another story which we came across recently and it is not something you get to hear too often. A newly-wed bride ran away after robbing her 70-year-old husband on the wedding night in Punjab’s Sargodha district! Shocking, isn’t it?

According to sources, 70-years-old Muhammad Mustafa was a worker in Karachi and had been retired. He mentioned that his first wife had passed away which is why he thought of settling down in life once again and got married to a 28-year-old, Najma Bibi. According to Mustafa’s video statement, he mentioned that it was his second marriage and had given Rs 70,000 and jewelry of his first wife to Najma for marriage.

Bride runs away with money

As much as this news is heartbreaking, there’s more to it. Mustafa also claimed that his wife, Najma, mixed sleeping pills in his drinks on the wedding night and fell unconscious. When he gained consciousness, the next morning, what he saw was tragic! He said that the newly-wed bride had run with the valuables!

However, in an interview, Mustafa has submitted an application with the nearest police station and suspects that an organized gang is behind this heinous act. It is utterly heartbreaking to come across such stories and it’s about time we understand how vulnerable these people are and how some of them can be weak at hearts. It’s about time we knock some sense into ourselves and refrain from doing such acts. Greed will get you nowhere and Karma will always be there waiting for you!

Also, there are many people saying that what the girl did was absolutely right. Do you really think so? Let us know in the comments below.

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