Pakistani Boxer Afridi, SSU Commando, Defeated India's Tejasoi Waso In 90-Seconds And He's Our PRIDE

Pakistani Boxer Afridi, SSU Commando, Defeated India’s Tejasoi Waso In 90-Seconds And He’s Our PRIDE!


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And we are back with another episode of “Yeh karaingay hum se jang?” In the current leg of the World Kickboxing and Karate Association (WKA) the Asia Pacific being held in Bangkok, Pakistani kickboxer Saeed K. Afridi pipped India’s Vasu Sharma in LESS than 90 seconds! Yes, you heard it right, just 90 seconds.

This was an international martial arts event.

Saeed K. Afridi made us proud at the international level when he overpowered his Indian opponent in less than 90 seconds by KO out in a kickboxing match.

You don’t believe us? Watch this for yourself. This really is something.

Posted by Khan Saeed Afridi on Friday, March 15, 2019

Saeed K. Afridi – the man of the moment

We really are proud of our hero Saeed K. Afridi. Firstly because he brought a good name for Pakistan on an international level and secondly, of course, defeating an opponent who was an Indian and that too in a matter of minutes. In the middle of all the seriousness and tensions, this really was something to celebrate and a source of happiness for every Pakistani.

Saeed Afridi is an SSU Commando in Sindh Police

And when our man is not busy beating the hell out of his opponents in kickboxing, he serves as an SSU Commando in the Sindh Police. How cool is that? And our commandos defeating Indians on and off the battlefield. This is something absolutely amazing isn’t it?


Appreciated for his efforts and rightly so.

The commando was rewarded Rs. 1 lac and an appreciation certificate by IGP Sindh for his brilliant performance in the championship. We are glad that his talent and victories are being recognized which is an encouragement for the youngsters who want to pursue mix martial arts or kickboxing as a career in their future.

The government needs to fund martial arts and kickboxing facilities in Pakistan and promote this sport because there is a lot of talent in Pakistan in this field.

And if our youngsters are guided rightly and given proper training, they can bring every single opponent in the world down, seeing the amount of talent we have. We congratulate Saeed K. Afridi on his amazing victory and we hope he keeps making Pakistan proud.

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