Meet Bhagwandas Kohli — A Pakistani-Hindu Law Student Who Aspires To Help The Poor For Free!


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Pakistan – A Muslim state that was created after countless sacrifices along with hard work, determination, and perseverance didn’t forget the minorities. So much so that they were given a separate color and space in the flag. Contrary to the popular falsified belief that they are suppressed and not given due rights, the real picture is pleasant and not so dark as portrayed. Pakistani communities Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs that are widely known have lived in peace and harmony with the Muslim majority and are not restricted by the authorities to pursue any of their dreams; be it academically or professionally.

They have proven to be equally dedicated to this soil and are some of the friendliest and cooperative people you will meet. But we are here to talk about a Pakistani boy who has purest of intentions and a golden heart belonging to the Hindu Pakistani community.

Sweet, endearing, innocent and passionate:

These are just some of the adjectives that describe this young man – Bhagwandass Kolhi. He is a law student and lives in Karachi. He is completing his 3rd year of 5 years and has big ambitions. His goals will remind you of a man long gone from this earth but never forgotten and resides in our hearts – Edhi Sahab. Truly, Bhagwandass has shown with his aspirations that Edhi Sahab was right when he said, “My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world”.

Bhagwandaas aims to fight cases of the poor of Pakistan free of charge and help those in need

He tweeted from his account that reads: “My name is Bhagwandaas and I am from Karachi studying law. My three years out of five are about to be completed. After studying law and graduating I will fight the cases of the poor for free and help those in need. Although I am a Hindu but underneath this flag, we are one”

This warmed the hearts of everyone and they supported him, pouring in their appreciation for his goodwill

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“You’re our brother”

Someone reminded him about the weak resolve of the medical students that dream the same but never fulfill them and hopes he changes that.

A difficult road indeed and we hope he makes his own way if there is none in sight.

“May there be more youngsters like you”

Several students in the profession that deals in serving the public start off with great spirits but many along the way lose that sight they once idealized. It is completely justified, the hurdles and obstacles one faces in Pakistan can really shake anyone’s resolve but we have great hope for this young hard working man and we wish him nothing but the best.

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