Bakhtawar Bhutto Announces To Take Action Against Benazir Bhutto’s Biopic Starring Mehwish Hayat


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Recently, Mehwish Hayat talked about her upcoming project (a biopic on Benazir Bhutto) where she will be playing the role of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Multiple news channels and online portals picked up the news and it got viral instantly. Only yesterday, Benazir Bhutto’s daughter, Bakhtawar Bhutto tweeted saying that consent was not taken from the family.

Her tweet stated: “Certainly no consent from her living heirs/children was sought. Absolutely unacceptable and we will be taking action against it.”


Mehwish Hayat did not hesitate to clarify the situation and tweeted:

“To clarify rumours circulating.There is a project at the very early stages of development about your amazing mother. This cannot and will not be done without the consent or blessing of the family. I am sure that the team involved will be in touch before they progress further. Meanwhile, as an actress I am researching as much as I can about a real idol of mine. Irrespective of any film I would love to meet someday and learn more about her .”

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