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Asad Umar Just Resigned As The Finance Minister And The Reactions To It Will Not Raise Our Economy!


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The news which was refuted only a few days back by the Government officials has just bounced back to haunt the stumbling hopes of Pakistan’s Economy. Previously, the Minister himself quoted that he has no plans to exit and the rumors are merely a part of healthy political debate…

From day one, tackling the meandering economy of Pakistan has always been synonymous to playing with fire for Imran Khan’s Finance lead; especially while facing a zealously hostile opposition.

And here’s how Pakistanis reacted to his resignation!

Not easy …

Another dramatic revelation in Asad Umar’s farewell speech is that he has decided not to consider any alternative cabinet position, which hints that there is some sort of rift in the rows. Recently, many prominent faces in the Pakistani journalism industry have also been accusing Umar severely on the devaluation of Rupee and hyperinflation of the market to which, Asad advocated that judging the whole of the economy only on the basis of the performance of currency is not justice.

Imran Ismail tweeted that Asad Umer is an asset

Earlier, the information minister Fawad Chaudhry also rubbished the reports of Asad’s resignation by stating that it is the prerogative of the Premier to shuffle his cabinet but he is quite at comfort with the performance of its members. This explanation of Fawad Chaudhry could also be viewed as the repetition of what PM Special Aide Naeem ul Haq described in December 2018.

These contradictions in statements and frequent veering between the lines suggests that there is something smoky around the corner. As earlier this year, Prime Minister Imran Khan said himself that the bureaucracy is not going hand in hand with the government and on the other side, the State Bank of Pakistan refused to halt the hiking prices of the dollar as directed by the Prime Minister’s cabinet.

In the light of these incidents and the growing tension between PM’s Cabinet, Bureaucracy and the State Bank of Pakistan suggests that somewhere in the grey the new Finance Minister might be someone who could resolve the disputes between the government and integral bodies of the state in a much more diplomatic and wise manner…

Although PTI could be facing severe reactions in the forthcoming week or two, we should still keep in mind that resolving the matters between the state institutions might be the master key for IK and company!

Tell us about your views on all the sensation surrounding Mr. Asad Umar and how do you see Captain Imran sailing through this storm.

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