The New Khar Public School And College Built By Pak Army In Bajaur's Tribal Region Should Definitely Shut PTM Up

The New ‘Khar Public School And College’ Built By Pak Army In Bajaur’s Tribal Region Should Definitely Shut PTM Up!


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Pakistan’s progress is going up the hill on the graph, and that credit goes to the PM and his cabinet! In the last decade, overall Pakistan saw really dark times. The economy was ruined, the education sector was not doing any good and infrastructure was deteriorating day by day! The people of the country felt cursed to have governments like the previous ones, the fate of the country was written off with them and looked like no one could escape from it.

But like a blessing, people decided to give Imran Khan a chance this time. Last year, when election campaigns started, everyone promised to the nation the same thing they have been doing for past many decades, but still, there was one candidate among them who has yet to prove him. Every promise he made, everything thing he said, he fulfilled it or is working to fulfill it.

In a survey conducted nationally, 57% of Pakistanis believe that Imran Khan is doing a good job! Every day, he makes people proud and happy, even the people who didn’t vote him are now with him.

His passion for an educated Pakistan could be seen through his work, the knowledge city that he’s building in NAMAL Mianwali. And not just that he has build schools and colleges in the remotest area of the country.

Here’s a photo of the entrance of the college built in Khar!


The beautiful infrastructure!


It sure looks like a well-equipped college!


These photos are circulating on Twitter, and people are wondering why these advancements are never sung by the media! Well, Zaid Hamid later called out on PTM and other media networks who only find wrong in the works of government but can never appreciate the good work.

The work done is indeed really good! Unlike the other government schools which only have broken benches and poor infrastructure and no active faculty members AT ALL!


Ummm… From where else the army is supposed to get the money for schools?! After all, it’s the betterment of the country. Can’t we just see the end results and forget the “hows” and “whys”?!


That would be a great help to know how this school/college functions!


Well, who pays the army, brother? Can we just look at the brighter side of it? That how many kids from these remote areas can now access good education.

Let’s build schools and not hatred?! Maybe, we can learn to appreciate the little efforts done by the government. Yes, the government can’t be entirely right but it can’t be entirely wrong. Pray for the kids who’ll be benefited from these schools and colleges and grow up to serve the nation.

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