“I’ll Retire Imran Khan and Become the Next Prime Minister with PTI,” Reveals Aamir Liaquat


“I’ll Retire Imran Khan and Become the Next Prime Minister with PTI,” Reveals Aamir Liaquat


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Aamir Liaquat Hussain stormed the headlines with news of him joining PTI. It circulated all over social media and took a toll on Pakistanis. Now he has a lot to say, particularly about him becoming the Prime Minister with PTI, even after confirming that he will not join.

Here is what Aamir Liaquat had to say:

Every person living in and outside Pakistan, across the continent in Malaysia, Sydney, Croatia as well as Scandinavia, Model Town, Quaid-a-Abad, and Gulistan-e-Johar, aap sab ko Aamir Liaquat ka Assalam Alaikum.

As soon as I stepped into Bani Gala with a stiff stride, I looked him in the eye. Just when he drew a hand out of his Oxford-manners and courtesy, I asked him, “Aam khayega?” His look spoke everything. He knew it was time to hang his boots and make way for the man across.

I have served every inch of this country; from introducing Firdous Ki Lawn to being the reason why Karachi is swamping of motorbikes on the roads. Not to forget why some people avoid one particular TV channel during Ramadan. I have been everywhere for this country.

Pakistaniyo! What more could bear testimony of my accountability, commitment to this country and its people than the fact that I took a flight with Waqar Zaka recently… I took that for you just like JFK took a bullet for America. Such sacrifice is a mark of honor and respect that allows me to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with every great leader this country has seen.

Under my tabdeeli-brigade, the first and foremost change will be seen in PIA. No longer will they be wet leasing aircrafts from other airlines. Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga because PIA will play for a Jahaaz in my game show! No longer will you see only politicians commuting in Mercedes-Benz under high protocols because under my governance, every Pakistani will have a chance to win a Mercedes.

I know I have your vote because I see your support. I see it when your 50-year-old self agrees to dance on stage before the world for a 70cc motorbike. My electoral symbol has to be nothing better than the letter “U” upside down, as in U-turn because that represents my ideology.

Abbu arahay hain! 2018 will be the best year for Pakistan just like how I pictured in Ghalib film. Join me, as together we can protect every Pakistani from Om Puri’s revenge-seeking ghost!

You decide.

Note: this is a satirical article — all information in the article is generated only for the purpose of raising genuine awareness and of course, laughs. 

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