This Doctor Has Aptly Stated The Reason For The Young Doctors Strike In Punjab


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The spendthrift approach of the government has transformed Punjab. Punjab’s budget has aggravated since last years and the officials had made promising statements for the development of the province. In one of the pointers, they pledged to provide quality education, healthcare, and social protection. These social sectors were positively portrayed in media. But the truth is a little different.

This video will acquaint you with the reality of the healthcare situation in Punjab. Dr. Aatif Majeed has spoken honestly about the difficulties doctors and as well as patients have to face on a daily basis.

He mentions the redundant receipt system that people who are in egregious condition at the emergency have to follow. Patients are forced to get their medical testing from Labs that are owned by the government officials. But can only buy the medication from the hospitals. Even doctors are coerced into prescribing medicines that are in stock at the hospital. How and from where the hospitals get this stock of medication, is not known.


Patients blame the doctors for this inconvenience but even the doctors are frustrated with the management and structure. Doctors are required to work for long hours with numerous patients without breaks. Young doctors are sent to far ways areas for their training without proper pay and facilities in return.

He finishes by saying that they have not raised their voice for themselves or for more salary but for the patients as it’s their basic right to be treated and cured appropriately!

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