The Government Is Planning On Making Cigarettes More Expensive And Literally, Ab To Sutta Na Mila!


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Since a very young age, we’ve been taught that tobacco is injurious to health and has adverse effects on the body. As it is an addictive habit, according to research dated back in 2018, Pakistanis on an annual basis consume cigarettes worth Rs 200 billion. However, the number of smokers in Pakistan has exceeded the 25 million mark as cigarette manufacturers continue to earn profits. It has also been observed that even young kids can be caught smoking on the streets of Pakistan!

However, smokers are pretty shocked after Prime Minister’s focal person for tobacco control and polio eradication Babar bin Atta announced that the federal government will increase the tax on tobacco in the upcoming budget. Although we’re very well aware of the inflation that has burdened an average Pakistani’s monthly budget, Imran  Khan did assure everyone that this would only last for 2-3 months.

When Babar bin Atta, announced this news, he said, «There is no place for merchants of death in Naya Pakistan,» also claiming that Pakistan is one of the fifteen countries that are heavily affected by the use of tobacco and suffers severe health issues.

However, Pakistanis are reacting to this announcement in the funniest ways!

Babar bin Atta also said that around 1000 to 1200 Pakistani children between the ages of 6-15 years start smoking every day according to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey results of 2015. If we look at Pakistan’s population, it consists of 60 percent youth below the age of 25! Yes, it is indeed alarming!

Well, what are your thoughts on the government’s planning? Do you think that this move by the government is right? Also, apart from taxes, don’t you think cigarettes should not be accessible to underage kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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