This Tech Savvy Library in Multan is One of It’s Kind in Pakistan


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A project by DEMS Pvt Ltd which swears by the quality of the projects they do, which we can tell by looking at the pictures of the library. DEMS is a company that provides heating, cooling and lighting infrastructure. They also provide all kind of security systems and every kind of building services on the doorstep.

Garrison Public Library is the biggest project DEMS did for Pakistan Army, which caught our eye since it got viral on social media. Its construction is completed and it is now set to open in few days for the general public in Multan. The Garrison Public Library is the biggest and well-constructed library of Pakistan. It looks nothing more than a beautiful mansion and the inside of it is even more lavish. The best part of this whole project is that it only costs Rs.500 per month for a member, that is a lot less for a library of such stature.

Here is how it looks:

The Mansion Looking Exterior

facebook/ DEMS PVT LTD

Public seating area

Facebook/ DEMS PVT LTD

Kid’s Science Museum

Facebook/ DEMS PVT LTD

Play Area

Facebook/ DEMS PVT LTD

Vast Collection of Books

Facebook/ DEMS PVT LTD

News Reading Area

Facebook/ DEMS PVT LTD


There’s a lot about this library, a separate women’s section, a science museum for children plus kids play area, news reading room, a day care center, cafeteria, special people’s section and a huge seating area for the general public.

Garrison which is already the top of the talk on Pakistani social media is all set to open doors to the public.

The Way to the Public Library

The Garrison Public Library is situated in front of Askari Colony, Sher Shah Road, Multan.

In few days to be opened this library is a must-have in every major city in the country. How about visiting the it and let us know how it was, share some photos and experience with us.

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