Supreme Court Finally Accepts Bahira Town's Offer Rs.460bn And Pakistanis Who Have Invested Are Relieved Now

Supreme Court Finally Accepts Bahira Town’s Offer Rs.460bn And Pakistanis Who Have Invested Are Relieved Now!


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Every now and then we see these lavish weddings, but nothing could be compared to the weddings to «Riaz» family! Just last year, they had a wedding of Malik Riaz’s grandson. Though the couple looked very young and people on social media started saying that «Isn’t it too for them to get married» but oh well! As long as they are not minor they can marry and the family really doesn’t care. Haha!

But talking about grand weddings they have had it! Having a lot of events, the pre pre pre-wedding festivities and the post-post-wedding events! Each and every event has to be the biggest and most glamorous as well. Half the time the main talk of the town is actually the people at the wedding, what they wore and how expensive the dress is.

Though their weddings are extravagant, but Malik Riaz is also seen doing a lot of charitable work! He puts his money in the right place.


Apart from the common perspective about Malik Riaz, that he’s solely earning ALL the money from the common people of Pakistan. He’s done enough for the country too!

But his biggest project Bahria Town Karachi was in a questionable state! From the past few months, the case has been ongoing and the Supreme Court asked Bahria Town Karachi to pay for over seven years for land it occupies in the Malir District.

After the case, Bahira Town Karachi decided to offer an amount in settlement for the case to the court. After that, the SC restricted the National Accountability Bureau from filing references against concerned individuals unless Bahria Town defaults on any of the payments.

Just last week the SC held it’s ruling over on whether or not to accept the amount that Bahria Town offered. Initially, they offered to pay Rs. 450 billion but SC asked Bahria to reconsider the amount and now they have raised the bar to Rs. 460 billion!

SC finally accepted the offer and now Bahira Town is supposed to pay the full payment within the time span of seven years!


It will have to make a down payment of Rs25 billion by August 27 this year, and from September onward Bahria will have to pay 2.25 billion monthly for the rest of seven years.

 A three-judge bench of the apex court had taken up implementation of its May 4, 2018 judgment.

Hope the justice is being served in the settlement to those whose land has been acquired!

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