Karachi Stabbings: First Victim Reveals Shocking Details!


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The worst wave to hit Karachi recently is one that was always unprecedented. Nobody in their right senses ever thought that women roaming the streets would be under fear of getting stabbed by strangers for doing absolutely nothing.

As it has previously been reported, that police has taken 16 suspects into custody for their alleged involvement in the Karachi stabbings, including one key suspect.

However, even though the perpetrator ‘might’ be under arrest right now, the details revealed by the first victim of the Karachi stabbings has left everyone, including journalists Waseem Badami and Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan absolutely shocked. Not only did the woman tell about her experience of being stabbed from out of nowhere, but she revealed other details as well.

The victim further told the journalists and the people of the Pakistan, that after she had been stabbed, instead of finding the culprit, police came and arrested the woman’s father — claiming that he is the one who stabbed his daughter, even though she kept denying it.

People on social media have gone to extents stating that Karachi police itself is involved in the stabbings and is running it as a business so the police can milk money after framing innocent people. A police representative denied this on the show, but Waseem Badami hit him hard by saying that the police has only jumped into action because the media has highlighted the issue.

We hope that we don’t have to hear any similar news anytime soon. Here’s to hoping the police have already caught the criminals and our women can roam the streets of Karachi safely.

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