Pakistanis Are Lauding Sarfraz Ahmed For Wearing A Traditional Shalwar Kameez To Meet Queen Elizabeth!


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As the gentleman’s ICC Cricket World Cup is starting tomorrow, the nation has attached high hopes with the Pakistan Cricket Team and Insha Allah ‘Sarfraz dhoka nai dega’. Cricket fans are anxiously waiting for the fiery battles placing the best teams. Among the great hype of the mega event, the National Cricket Team Skipper has already started making the country proud.

On Wednesday, captains of all teams participating in the ICC’s mega event were invited for a meetup with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The meeting happened in Buckingham Palace and all 10 captains of the participating teams were present there. Where the team captains of other countries were looking sharp in a suit, Pakistan team captain stole the spotlight with his national dressing.

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Sarfraz Ahmed giving importance to his national attire.

Sarfraz Ahmed, skipper of The Pakistan Cricket Team was applauded by the Pakistani awaam for his cultural preferences. The captain wore a dapper white kurta with a green blazer at the historic meeting with the Highness and stood out from the crowd. This went extremely viral on social media and even Pakistani celebrities couldn’t stop themselves from praising the captain.

Here’s how he dressed up slaying all odds!

The Times of Karachi/Facebook

Twitter was full of tweets lauding Sarfraz Ahmed and the hashtag #SarfarazAhmed became trending.

Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi showed his utmost respect to the Skipper!

Bilkul! Saify bhai zindabad!

Exactly! Just praise him for making the nation proud!

Sarfraz standing out from the usual!

Kisi haal main na khush honay walay log!

Here’s a glimpse of all 10 team captains posing with Queen Elizabeth II. On the left starting point, Pakistan team captain Sarfraz Ahmed is seen standing while Virat Kohli of India is sitting on the extreme right.

The Times of Karachi/Facebook

The craze for cricket is high and the wait is finally over. The first game will finally be played tomorrow between Pakistan and West Indies and as always Pakistan for the win Insha Allah. Pakistanis are hopeful that the World Cup will come home this time.

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