Rumors Of Multan's Air Space Being Shut Down Has Stirred A Storm On Social Media And Multanis Are Panicking

Rumors Of Multan’s Air Space Being Shut Down Has Stirred A Storm On Social Media And Multanis Are Panicking!


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Although tensions between India and Pakistan have deescalated and it feels like that both countries can shake hands and turn over a new leaf, it still seems like too good to be true since our history tells a different tale and the relations between Pak-Indo will probably always be uncertain!

According to PM Imran Khan, everything between the two nations is at peace and we’re sorted but recently, a rumor has taken over the social media by a storm that Indian troops attempted to enter Pakistan airspace.

Moreover, the Multan airports air space was shut down due to some reason of concern by the residents and Pakistanis all over. For several people, that meant connecting the air space issue with the rumors of India attempting to invade Multan.

One person took Twitter to explain the entire situation 

Here’s the video explaining the scenario!

However, the masses believe that the entire ‘invasion’ was a move by Indians on Pakistanis and there’s no way that Indians will ever learn to ‘behave!’

There’s no proof that India is behind this, nothing has been confirmed and there’s literally no sign of Indian forces have been left in the city, so this just seems silly! True that we have a history of disputes with India but does that mean it was India?

We need to be a tad smarter and quit playing the blame game here. We’re not saying they’re saints and are always clean but that certainly doesn’t state that India might be behind all of this (if there is anything to even be worried about)

Regardless of the panic, the social media is losing it and tweets are flooding in regarding the ‘situation.’

Have a look!

One user said that the news is fake and nothing happened at Multan

Here’s what another user mentioned in his tweet

Another user took Twitter to express the drama of the masses and asked them to be quiet

Furthermore, currently, the information that we have is that there’s no confirmation of what exactly happened and assurance from India and Pakistan forces are yet to be made.

We have no information on how authentic this news is so taking Twitter to share views on it doesn’t seem too wise. You can’t just create havoc on social media on the basis of hypothesis! That’s just beyond ridiculous and unsafe.

After the entire Pulwama incident, the relations between Pakistan and India went haywire and we’re still wondering what’s more to come. Will the two nations ever be completely civil or is there always going to be some or the other issue that keeps on popping up?

So, let us know what you all think of this and help us figure this out!

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