Reham Khan Proves Her Phuppo Nature Is Still Alive After Imran Khan Referred To Bilawal Bhutto As ‘Sahiba’!


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Prime Minister Imran Khan on 24th of April, 2019 held a PTI rally in Wana and gave a speech addressing the people of Waziristan. He talked about the people of Waziristan and how they suffered while the Pakistani governments slept for so long. He continued to stress the importance of the people being compensated by the government so that the people may trust and support Pakistan. He guaranteed that as long as he is in power, he will make sure the people of Wazir get justice.

While he was talking about other politicians the people started chanting ‘3G 4G’, since these services are inactive in their region. «Balkay Aj Mein Wazeerey Ala Sahab Sey Baat Karkey Jaon Ga» was Khan Sahab’s reply that was followed by a loud cheer from the crowd.

Imran Khan continued to talk about the two parties PPP and PML N naturally stating their incompetencies, and the dire state in which they left Pakistan. Upon coming to Bilawal Bhutto, he addressed him as ‘Sahiba’ that misogynists and sexists usually use to degrade a man as if being called a woman is somehow derogating and low. Whether that was a ‘slip of the tongue’ or intentional, you decide.

The Video Of Imran Khan That Made Headlines Yesterday

Reham Khan Takes A Dig At Imran Khan

Pakistani media including the journalists and people alike were outraged while the supporters tried to justify that as a mistake and slip of his tongue. Out of many that criticized him, Reham Khan too didn’t leave this opportunity go by and tweeted calling him a misogynist and more.

Her Tweet Didn’t Sit Well With Many And This Is What They Had To Say To Her

This user seems disappointed at Reham Khan and raised a valid question. 


Freedom of speech! Aha. 





Imran Khan has made considerable efforts for Pakistan and has won hearts of many if not everyone on top of it all, he is the Prime Minister. Every word he speaks is heard by the entire nation whether they are his supporters or not. We hope that it was indeed a genuine mistake and not a way for him to mock Bilawal by taking the route of the lowly men; misogynists and sexists to be precise.


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