The Recent DNA Reports of Zainab’s Case leaves everyone in a State of Shock!


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The barbaric incident in Kasur saddened the whole nation and every single person is eagerly waiting for the culprit to get caught. The reports showed how Zainab died hours after she was thrown in the pile of trash. According to sources, the investigation team will present the report to court today.

As reported, the culprit has been committing crimes all alone this time but no witnesses have been found yet. 30 different teams have been working on the case right now to find some pieces of evidence. While they have collected DNA from 100 different people for this case. It is written in the report that the culprit choked the girls after abusing and throws them in abandoned places. Most of them died hours after being thrown.

According to sources, the DNA found on the victim was similar to that found on previous rape and murder victims.

Besides DNA matches, other characteristics of the crime scene were also found similar. All the deceased victims were between the ages of 5 and 8. All of them would get kidnapped for few days prior to their bodies being recovered from abandoned places like construction places, parks, or trash heaps.

Celebrities are not willing to leave this fight…

While other people are having their blood boil after every update of this barbaric act.

 The first case showed up last year on 9th January when the body of a six-year-old girl was recovered. In April 2017, another similar incident followed with another six-year-old falling victim to similar heinous criminal activity. On average, a similar case was reported every month in 2017. The shocked people of Kasur had previously protested countless times regarding the murders and rape of young kids in the city.

Just for the sick record, up to 12 children have been killed in rape cases in Kasur in one year whereas police officers have killed three people involved in such criminal activities.

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