Youth Of Peshawar Have Made An App That Helps Them Keep Track On Political Leaders


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Every four years in Pakistan, general elections of the Islamic Republic take place. Also, every four years a new lot of youth develops and gets the right to vote. Some are thought of as nonpolitical, while the rest take a keen interest in the status quo.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, after the 2013 general elections, has remained the hub of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf under the authority of Imran Khan. The people of KPK, particularly Peshawar, take a keen interest in politics and dream of becoming the bannermen of ‘change’ in all its essence.


The government claims of making a lot of changes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but change doesn’t always come through leaders. The youth of Peshawar and the IT department have come up with a plan that changes the game altogether and brings forth a sense or at least a hint of transparency.

There is an app that helps people of KPK keep track on their elected representatives. The app, which is called TrackReps, let you scrutinize and keep a check on every political leader from the province.


From their attendance in the KPK assembly to every thing they do or say on the floor of the provincial assembly. Once you’ve logged into the app, you can select a profile of any candidate you want and go through in detail.

TechJuice got in touch with the CEO of TrackReps, Shehroz Rashid and this is what he had to say: «No information was available to the public on how the representatives were performing after being elected and also there was no mechanism (before TrackReps app) to track their performance.»

The app is strictly for the provincial assembly of KPK and helps people decide who they think is worthy of coming into power yet again. The purpose of the app is to serve diligence to the people and help them become politically aware.

TrackReps, the app, keeps history, educational background, and other details of the lives of the arbiters of our tastes. Other provinces also need to come up with something similar so that the purpose of public service is served.

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