Pakistanis Are Wishing Narendar Modi Becomes India’s PM Again And The Reason Is Extremely Evil

Pakistanis Are Wishing Narendar Modi Becomes India’s PM Again And The Reason Is Extremely Evil!


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Subramanian Swamy nam toh suna hoga! There was a query on Quora, that why Modi is afraid of Subramanian?! To which a person replied to it very elaborately! So, actually, the problem is that he doesn’t think or accuse the person with evidence and facts, unlike other politicians. But he makes sure that before targetting his opponent he goes deep into the matter and gets insider information from the whistle-blower of the respective government offices. With all that, he presents his case in front of the judiciary, so that the judge finds no faults in his presentation.

Subramanian’s nature is of such that he always finds ways to target the politicians and the ruling government party irrespective of the party- Congress, BJP, DMK ADMK etc…

Now you know why Modi is actually afraid! *wink wink*


While half the world knows what Modi is and what ACTUALLY he has done, nobody in its sane mind would want him to be the PM again! But as we know that Subramanian is now in the opposition and his every statement is making people realize that how khatarnak it can turn if he c0mes in power!

Just watch this video! After this video, you’ll hope that he never gets the government!

Zaid Hamid shared the above video, and said that Pakistan must do everything in power to sustain Modi in power! He’s the best bet, because of the reasons known to everyone.

Subramanian openly accepted that Muslims should be divided, and firmly believes that it is for their betterment! WTH?!


He also said that since we are in the majority and if we divide Muslims, they’ll be saved. To which the host said that this mindset is not good, and Subramanian said how can «80% of hindu majority be» be unsafe for Muslims?

Bring Modi back! This sickening mindset of Subramanian is not in favor of minorities!


Are you sure?! Umm… well, by the looks of it, it seems like Modi will stay in power. As wrong as it seems but at least can’t let Subramanian take that lead.


Same ideology in the 21st century! WOW!


Are they? Are Muslims really in a better position?! But the facts tell a different story.


Minorities sacrifice a lot! In every country but it’s the government and the people of the nation who work them collectively! Give them a chance and freedom and opportunities to grow like the majority! Hope the Muslims of India flourish irrespective of the government!

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