Ombudsperson Kashmala Tariq’s Staff Abused And Assaulted Media Team For Asking The Right Questions!


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Kashmala Tariq, has always remained one of the very few vigorous and energetic women politicians. With a huge following, Tariq has gone up the ladder of success in Pakistan, while others have only been able to watch.

Kashmala Tariq has recently been appointed as the new Federal Ombudsperson for protection of women against harassment at workplaces , which means she is to sort out all related matters.  At her new appointment, a news team from Waqt News, under senior anchor Matiullah Jan went to her office for an interview.


During the interview and after it was over, the Federal Ombudsperson made sure that the anchor and his staff went through an extremely hostile environment. Reason? The interview was NOT planted and Matiullah Jan, the anchor, had other ideas for Kashmala Tariq. Apparently, Kashmala Tariq was expecting questions related to how her work was and general questions on Pakistani women, but Matiullah Jan caught her by surprise when he asked questions about her shady appointment as Ombudsperson.

Matiullah Jan questioned her credentials for the post. At this, Kashmala Tariq slowly, but surely, became furious. She was not prepared to give the right answers, and this confused her. At this, during the interview, Kashmala Tariq got up and staged a drama, where she tried to cancel the interview. But, Matiullah Jan being a senior journalist, handled the situation.

However, after the interview was over, Matiullah Jan along with his team, was assaulted, abused and harassed by the Ombudsperson’s employees and staffers, who made sure that the news team paid dividends for their shenanigan against Kashmala Tariq. Later on, Matiullah Jan stated that he would be calling the police and lodging a formal complain against the Federal Ombudsperson.

The Waqt News team was even locked inside the Ombudsperson’s office so they cannot leave. This episode clearly shows that Kashmala Tariq had something to worry about which related to her appointment. Matiullah Jan exposed her for not having the right credentials for the job, but in Pakistan, the mighty never regret anything they do.

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