Nawaz Sharif was probably lying about his Medical Condition- Here’s Why


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A 5-member board of medical professionals hired to check up on Nawaz Sharif’s health say that he is at no risk of acute medical issues.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) came up with the board. It consisted of PIMS Joint Executive Director Dr. Ejaz Qadeer, Head of Cardiology Department Dr. Muhammad Naeem Malik, Head of Nephrology Department Dr. Sohail Tanveer, Head of Gastroenterology Dr. Mashood Ali, and Professor of General Medicine D. Shajee Ahmed Siddiqi.

source: Dunya News

The 5 doctors formed a team to visit Sharif upon requests from the Adiala jail authorities, where Sharif, along with his daughter and son-in-law, is serving jail time as per the judgment in the Avenfield case.

The request for a second opinion came after two cardiologists of the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology found him dehydrated, suggesting hospitalisation to avoid any cardiac and diabetic complications.

The only discrepancy in which the PIMS board found was an elevated level of urea and creatine in his blood. It was maintained that Sharif’s symptoms were probably the result of hot, humid weather and poor sleep.

Sharif is already taking medicine for a number of pre-existing medical issues which the doctors said to continue with as it was causing no harm. They maintained that all the patient needed was to re-hydrate and stay in a comfortable environment. They also recommended that a follow-up check-up may be closely monitored by a personal physician.


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