Muslims Are Boycotting PUBG Mobile After The Game Made A Crate Look Like The Holy Kaaba

Muslims Are Boycotting PUBG Mobile After The Game Made A Crate Look Like The Holy Kaaba!


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PUBG has become one of the most competitive games released in recent times. Dropping in with 99 other players, either alone or squadding up with your buddies, emerging victorious is an achievement.

It has gotten people to be hooked to it and the players are gaga over the game. Whether it’s on the cell phone, or PlayStation – PUBG has fans all over East and West. Basically, the game is like beyond addictive for the masses.

Anyway, talking about PUBG, they’ve just updated their birthday crate and several people are saying that it looks like kaaba! 

Source/ Facebook

After this was shared, there was a massive lash out by people and here’s what many had to say!

One user wrote «Pubg updated birthday cake as a khana e Kaaba.. please uninstall and report this game…»

Another user mentioned, «If this is correct, then we should boycott this Muslim, and the administration of the game, as they are forced to seek forgiveness on his motion picture of the poorest and Sharif must end

One more user stated, «Uninstall the game»

One person mentioned, «new update on pubg the birthday create looks like Kaaba Building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia please change it as well as possible and do the needful.»

Partaking in the debate, one more user wrote, «Top Pic – Kaaba, An Islamic holiest place in Mecca. Bottom Pic – PubG Birthday Crate. is there any similarity? Why PubG needed to do something like this or to design a Crate like Kaaba?»

The masses are quite upset with the latest update and it has certainly caused a stir on social media, its upsetting how brands and companies don’t understand the emotions of people and neglect to respect religions.

If you too think that the changes resemble Kaaba then let us know below in the comments!

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