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The Latest Pictures Of Gen Pervez Musharraf Are Making People Call Him A ‘Firoun’ And Astaghfirullah!


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General Pervez Musharraf is facing a trial for treason under Article 6 of the Constitution and Section 2 of the High Treason Act on a complaint moved by the federal government. The trial court was scheduled to record retired Gen Musharraf’s statement under Section 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code to complete the treason trial but due to his medical reasons he couldn’t make it and has appealed the court to adjourn his hearing until the end of Ramadan. Which the court has considered and adjourned the trial till the 12th of June.

His medical report along with picture evidence of him in a hospital bed has been submitted by the council. The former 10th president of Pakistan is suffering from several diseases out of some have been said to be life-threatening. The 76-year-old Gen Musharraf, according to the council is in such a bad condition that has made it hard for him to even move and has been admitted to the hospital 40 times in last two years.

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Gen Musharraf was extremely apologetic for the inconvenience he caused by not appearing in court

A user tweeted pictures of Gen Musharraf updating the masses on his situation with the court and health. Pakistanis had mixed reactions to this news and were quite vocal in what they had to say regarding the scenario at hand.

Someone just called him out as a coward for pretending to be sick every time the court summons him. An Extreme sport of most of our politicians. However, Mr. Musharraf does look frail and ill.

How do you know he did that by himself?

This user is asking everyone to take Mr.Musharraf’s condition as a lesson.

He is asked to behave like a General he once was and face the courts, also suggesting that his BP and pulse seems to be great for a man his age by a Twitter user.

Gen Musharraf was called a ‘Firoun’ and was cursed; this user is not coming slow with their remarks on Musharraf drinking with his left hand and giving up Aafia Siddique to the US. Heavy!

Hate aside the user says he looks ill and is suffering from a serious ailment.

Although the hearing has been postponed till June 12th,  if even then he fails to appear and face trial, the court has the liberty to proceed against him in his absence under Section 9 of the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973, the top court had held. Hopefully, Gen Musharraf recovers and is able to attend court.

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