Rasoolpur: The Pakistani Village Where There Is A 100% Literacy Rate And No Crime


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Almost 70 years have passed since the creation of Pakistan, but the world still states us as a third-world country. Other nations that got independence after us, have grown beyond all boundaries, becoming the strongest leaders in this new multi-polar world.

Pakistan has to be considered unfortunate when it comes to growth. By the late 90s’, when the world predicted that the country’s economy would boom, terrorism stabbed us in the back. However, amid all the dust and hay that is gathered around the country’s progress, there is a model village present in Punjab.


Enter Rasoolpur, the one of a kind village in Pakistan where there is absolutely no crime and a staggering 100% literacy rate. Approximately 800km from Karachi, Rasoolpur looks like a very ordinary village at first glance. However, when you take a concentrated look, it is more different than any village you might have seen in the country.

The infrastructure, which means how the village is modeled, is perfect. There are no half-heartedly made streets that change sizes according to their mood. There is no trash at any corner of the village, even the place where animals are kept is extremely clean. This, again, many would say, might be staged. But how could you stage 0 crime and 100 literacy?

When it comes to education, every child, male or female, must attend school at Rasoolpur. Such is the system set up by the elders that there are more female students in the village than boys. And when the people of the village talk about literacy, it does not mean just being able to read and write your name. For the people of Rasoolpur, the literacy rate is counted on every person at least holding a Matric degree.


There are 2000 Baloch Ahmedanis residing in the village who have been living in Rasoolpur for 80 years. The locals do not allow anyone from outside to come in and settle in the village so that the model system is not disrupted by outsiders who might not become accustomed to the phenomenon.

Rasoolpur might be the only place in Pakistan that is a c0mplete no smoking zone. Many people from the outside tried to come and settle here but the locals say nobody could fit into their system.

The model village needs to be adopted by other provinces and stakeholders who wage loud claims about how much they love their land. Rasoolpur is a glimmering example of hope in this dark age.

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